Breaking Free From Emotional Abuse

Three Things You Must Do NOW to Break Free from an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

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Breaking free from an emotionally abusive relationship is anything but easy. The issue of control is one of the hallmarks of emotional abuse, and the need to control and manipulate you only intensifies when your abuser realizes you intend to leave the relationship. Make sure you follow through on these three things you MUST do in order to break free from emotional abuse. Your recovery begins NOW!
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Establish Communicate and Enforce Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are a complex topic and one that you will continue to learn about through trial and error. If you are in a controlling, emotionally abusive relationship your boundaries have routinely been ignored at best and most likely have been forcibly trompled. 

Don't worry, in this course Dr. D walks you through how to do boundaries like a champ. 

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Let Go of What You Can Not Control

Control is the central drama of a toxic relationship. 

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Build a Knowledgeable Support Network

By now you may have figured out that your friends and family may not have a realistic understanding of what you are going through. 

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