Dr Denise Dart Relationship Toxicologist Because Love Shouldn't Hurt. Get the help you need to break free and recover from narcissistic emotional abuse.

Transformational Narcissistic Abuse Recovery  

Which Coaching Option Is Best for You?

Individual Session

Recovering from Narcissistic Emotional abuse is powerful with the right support. Dr. Dart has the knowledge, skills, and experience to lead you on a recovery journey that is uniquely designed for your needs. Sometimes an individual coaching session may be all you need. Other times it can be that empowering first step confidently taken step on your recovery journey. Dr. Dart will walk beside you masterfully providing the support you need at each step along your path to full and complete recovery.  You may be surprised at how much progress can be made in just one session with Dr. Dart as your coach. Many clients decide to get maximum value as they fully invest in themselves by upgrading to a multiple session coaching package. When you add additional coaching sessions, your first session will always be credited towards the package that best suits your needs and your budget. 

Six Session Package

Roxic emotional abuse beats you down over time and yet at some point you reach the point when you know enough is enough. You are ready to break free and recover from narcissistic emotional abuse and ready to do whatever might be necessary to ensure you won't get pulled back in through hoovering and love bombing. When you invest in a six-session package you know you have Dr. Dart walking with you for the strength and support you need in your most vulnerable moments. Your six sessions can be scheduled at a cadence that works best for your needs and your schedule.  This pre-paid package gives you a 20% discount off the individual session price. Some clients meet with Dr. Dart weekly for six sessions; others choose to have a few sessions and then increase the time between sessions. Together we will find the pace that is right for you and your unique situation. 

Ten Session Package

Victims of narcissistic emotional abuse find themselves at a painful and lonely place. Isolated, discarded, desperate, and terrified are words many victims use to describe their feelings. You have given everything you have to the narcissistic emotional abuser and gotten little but crumbs in return. You have been deceived and manipulated by tactics including love bombing, hoovering, gaslighting, silent treatment, blame shifting, future faking and the like. Your toxic relationship has brought you to a place of pain and confusion. Rest assured that your path to a life filled with greater confidence, joy, balance, and fulfillment is within reach. Dr. Dart has been where you are and with her unique blend of education, experience, and empathy and heart, she will walk with you providing the support you need when you need it. You don't have to be confused and afraid any longer. There is no better time than now to acknowledge how very much you matter!