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Learn to Set Boundaries Like a Boss in Just Two 90 Minute Live Sessions

july 19th & 26th

7:00 pm, CDT

What you’ll learn in this Mastermind:

Boundaries Are Essential for Emotional Wellbeing

Boundaries are our most powerful tool for protecting emotional well-being and enhancing relationships. Although boundaries may seen simple at first glance, they are actually nuanced and complex. Weak boundaries invite others to take advantage of us, while rigid boundaries tend to shut us off from connection with others. Emotionally abusive relationships decimate your boundaries and eventually lead to confusion, doubt, anxiety, and reduced self-esteem. In this class I will teach you how to assert boundaries to care for and empower yourself once again. 

Whys and Hows of Boundary Setting

Boundaries are not ultimatums and not set for the purpose of attempting to change another person. Boundaries ultimately establish a healthy space between yourself and others in your life. Despite what a narcissist, sociopath, or other toxic emotional abuser might want you to believe, no one else can see into your inner world and know what you are thinking, perceiving, or feeling. We set a boundary by clearly communicating what we will and will not accept as well as what we want or don't want. This is where most people get confused and need help understanding and the whys and hows of boundary setting. 

When you set a boundary YOU are showing up for YOU. Even if you ask for the other person cooperation or ask them to support you in some way that is not the point of the boundary. If the Narcissist pushes back and says NO....no problem. You don't need their cooperation, nor their permission despite the fact that they work hard to make you believe that you do. 

Communicating Your Boundaries with Clarity And Consistency

Communicating our boundaries and stating what we will do to care for ourselves are essential. Consistency is perhaps one of the most important aspects of boundary setting. When first learning about boundaries it is common to state a boundary that is difficult to enforce with consistency. Starting small and being consistent are so important. Through boundaries we teach others how we want to be treated and what we will not accept. 

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About the Presenter

Dr. Denise Dart

Denise Dart is an author, psychologist, transformational coach, consultant, educator, and public speaker. She is passionate about helping people identify, break free, and recover from toxic relationships. Her work is grounded in the belief that healthy relationships are the backbone of a strong community. Toxic relationships can be avoided! Boundaries are essential to differentiate what is healthy from what is not in our relationships.