Dr. Denise Dart, Relationship Toxicologist, Because Love Shouldn't Hurt

Narcissistic Emotional Abuse Recovery:

Small Group Coaching

Emotionally abusive relationships at the hands of narcissists, sociopaths, and other toxic types can leave you feelings isolated and alone. Wherever you are on your journey of recovery you will find understanding and support in Dr. Dart's small coaching groups. When you join a small group for just $50 per session, you will find a safe, supportive network where you can connect with others in a powerful and healing way.

The longer you stay in an emotionally abusive relationship the more isolated you become. It is not unusual for caring friends and family to pull away over time. It can feel as though there is nowhere to go and no one to talk to who truly understands.

Often well intentioned and caring people just simply do not understand the toll your toxic relationship has taken on you. They wonder why you didn't or do not now "JUST LEAVE." Friends and family, you were once close to may have pulled away to a certain extent; frustrated and feeling powerless to help.

The help you need is here! A small group can help build your support network and empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to make empowered choices. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!