Thank You!

I'm happy you took this important first step to learn more about your relationship dynamic and to gain clarity about whether you are in a toxic relationship. Although every relationship can go through a rough patch every now and then; sadly, toxic relationships start out great and then become more and more painful and toxic over time. 

Click on the button below to download your copy of my Top Ten Signs that you are in a toxic relationship.  Keep an eye out for an email from me that you will receive every day for the next 10 days. These emails contain additional information and real life examples that will help you better understand each of these top ten signs.

If you are like many people, you will start looking forward to your daily emails. It's not unusual for you to have additional questions after reading the Top Ten Signs and the follow on emails. Don't worry...there are many ways for us to stay connected as you begin to better understand the dynamics of your relationship.

I was once where you are; hurting and confused about why my relationship had become so painful and confusing. 

I know what you are going through and am here to help!

Congratulations on taking this important step!

Denise Dart